REBELLE ROAD TAKES IT DOWNTOWN!!  -  It’s gonna’ be a hot time in the old town on 8/11 with BBQ, BOOZE and BAD-ASS MUSIC!!  Grab your family, friends and strangers off the street who want to party all day and night with us!  Click here for tickets!

Showcasing “California Country” artists while supporting the growing network of Americana performers from around the country.

Creating parity and equity for female artists among the performers in every aspect of our programming, including honoring “rebelle” women who’ve paved the way.

Expressing Western culture, heritage and shared experiences of performers along the highways and byways of America through music, storytelling, and other mediums.

Honoring the rich tradition of roots music that was created by Hollywood’s singing cowboys, deepened  by the Bakersfield and Laurel Canyon sound, and expanded by today’s artists who are blazing new trails on the West Coast and beyond.

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